CS International 2023 Agenda

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Monday 17th April 2023 starting at 18:30 CET
18:30 Pre-conference networking drinks reception sponsored by EPIC
Tuesday 18th April 2023 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments.
08:50 Housekeeping by Chris Meadows, Conference Chair
Taking the power from silicon
09:00 Ge substrates for photonics applications – MOCVD growth, cost advantages of Ge recycling and new device possibilities
Presented by Ivan Zyulkov - Umicore
09:15 Will wide bandgap power electronics market hit $10 billion and beyond?
Presented by Callum Middleton - Omdia
09:30 Characterization of Thin Films and Critical Dimensions in Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride Process
Presented by Aseem Srivastava - Onto Innovation
09:45 Streamlining SiC Boule Fabrication – Hardinge’s BoulePro 200 Invents Low-Cost Boule Shaping
Presented by Jeff Gum - Hardinge
10:00 Tight process control for GaN-based power devices: The Potential of connected metrology in semiconductor device production
Presented by Kolja Haberland - LayTec AG
10:15 Mass volume manufacturing of 8-inch GaN-on-Si discrete and Integrated power devices: bringing efficiency and operating frequency to the next level
Presented by Denis Marcon - Innoscience Europe BV
10:30 Silicon carbide enabling true mass electrification
Presented by Manuel Gärtner - STMicroelectronics
10:45 Morning Break - Sponsored by Lightwave Logic Inc.
11:20 High throughput Epitaxy Solution for Compound Semiconductors
Presented by Nicolas Muesgens - Aixtron
11:35 Plasma-Polish Dry Etch: Smoothing solution to prepare Epi-Ready SiC for Power Applications
Presented by Amandev Singh - Oxford Instruments
11:50 The BelGaN Innovation Factory & GaN Valley: Building a Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Innovation Ecosystem in Europe
Presented by Marnix Tack - BelGaN
12:05 Accelerating Adoption of Wide-Bandgap Power Semiconductors through Better Epitaxy of GaN and SiC Technologies
Presented by Javier Banos - Veeco
12:20 Complex device design using predictive modelling
Presented by Ahmed Nejim - Silvaco
12:35 Speeding up XRT Defect Recognition for SiC
Presented by Christian Kranert - Fraunhofer IISB
12:50 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Lightwave Logic Inc.
Making headway with the microLED - Sponsored by Precision Fabricators Ltd
14:15 Fast-ALD Solutions to Enable MicroLED Adoption
Presented by Matt Weimer - Forge Nano
14:30 Optimising the process for making microLEDs
Presented by Steven DenBaars - University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)
14:45 Thin film layers for the upcoming micro-LED displays – the race never stops!
Presented by Franz Xaver Lenherr - Evatec AG
15:00 Wafer bonding: technology that enables microLED microdisplays
Presented by Anton Alexeev - EV Group
15:15 Afternoon Break - Sponsored by Lightwave Logic Inc.
15:50 “NEXT LEVEL EPITAXY” - First state-of-the-art high performance production epitaxy system
Presented by Ghassan Barbar - Element3-5 GmbH
16:05 Exploiting the Benefits of DynamicPixelTuning® for MicroLEDs
Presented by Tongtong Zhu - Porotech
Ultrafast communication: New Generations and higher efficiencies
16:20 High Volume Manufacturing engineered GaN material solutions for high-efficiency RF & Power devices
Presented by Marianne Germain - Soitec
16:35 A growing Telecom Infrastructure Market for GaN RF as opportunities for GaN-on-Si
Presented by Aymen Ghorbel - Yole Group
16:50 Taking 100-V RF GaN to New Heights
Presented by Sebastian Krause - Fraunhofer IAF
17:05 Closing Remarks
17:10 Networking Drinks / Dinner Reception - Sponsored by Lightwave Logic Inc.
Wednesday 19th April 2023 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments.
08:50 Housekeeping by Chris Meadows, Conference Chair
New vectors for the VCSEL
09:00 Extending the spectral range with InP tunnel-junction VCSELs
Presented by Christian Neumeyr - Vertilas
09:15 New Trends in VCSEL Technology
Presented by Roman Koerner - TRUMPF
09:30 Consumer applications: A sweet spot for SWIR VCSELs
Presented by Ali Jaffal - Yole Group
09:45 Capability Advancement of Production MBE for Next Generation Compound Semiconductors
Presented by Paul Pinsukanjana - Intelligent Epitaxy Technology, Inc. (on behalf of Riber)
10:00 Morning Break - Sponsored by Lightwave Logic Inc.
10:45 Plasma Dicing of GaAs VCSELs
Presented by James Weber - Panasonic Connect
11:00 Building VCSELs on silicon
Presented by Leah Espenhahn - UIUC
Taking the power from silicon
11:15 New workflows for resolving compound semiconductor defectivity issues using destructive and non-destructive electron microscopy techniques
Presented by Micah Ledoux - Thermo Fisher Scientific
11:30 Bruker X-ray solutions for GaN power device metrology
Presented by John Mallows - Bruker
11:45 Total solutions for Silicon Carbide from wafer making to device making
Presented by Gerald Klug - DISCO HI-TEC EUROPE GmbH
12:00 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Lightwave Logic Inc.
13:15 Powerful metrology use cases - Addressing compound material industry needs
Presented by Gábor Szendrei - Semilab
13:30 Scaling Manufacture of Compound Semiconductor Devices
Presented by Brian Stickney - C & D Semiconductor
Ultra-wide band gap devices: The ultimate solution?
13:45 Advanced Process Control for Rapid Scaling of Next Generation Materials
Presented by Julie Orlando - Nanotronics
14:00 Gallium Oxide – The next revolution in power electronics
Presented by Martin Kuball - Bristol University
14:15 Afternoon break - Sponsored by Lightwave Logic Inc.
15:00 Underpinning the growth of gallium oxide devices
Presented by Akito Kuramata - Novel Crystal Technology
15:15 Cost Advantage of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors
Presented by Oluwasayo Loto - Yole Group
15:30 Building better gallium oxide devices via HVPE
Presented by Heather Splawn - Kyma Technologies
15:45 Closing Remarks
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